About Me

I started off as a dream of mine many years. Since the tender age of 12, I have been fascinated by  the different techniques of photography and how by using natural light, I am able to capture the most mesmerizing pictures for my clients. A picture is worth a thousand words and a special moment caught on camera will give you memories that will last a lifetime!

As you can tell, We love photography and everything to do with capturing weddings and events. We also love our amazing clients. It’s very rewarding to be fortunate enough to do work that comes with true appreciation.

People who commission us to be their photographer are easy going and fun – like us! But most important, they understand the value of photography. They understand the meaning that pictures hold for generations to come.

We work as a team. This not only means a male/female perspective, but also extra care and attention to detail. We dedicate our passion and expertise to you and your special day. We provide high quality images, exceptional service and the finest quality products. You will receive focused communication and thoughtful attention to every little detail. This helps to make things run smoother and help put you at ease in front of the camera.

We specialize in wedding photography, destination weddings, portraits, and events.

We offer the highest level of professionalism and enjoy ourselves doing it. We’ll let your story unfold organically while being in the perfect place to capture the fullness of each moment. As a photographers, we capture creative, unique and artistic moments while being as unobtrusive as possible . With a truly organic approach to wedding photography Eddie Lo is known for utilizing a fusion of modern portraiture; yielding timeless photos that stand way above the average wedding photography.


“We don’t just photograph your wedding, we capture it”